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Changing DrumKit - is there a way to keep the order of instrument in patterns ?

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I have samples for at least 9 different drumkits. The instruments are not the same.

There are 2 toms and 4 toms sets, 3 cymbals or 7 cymbals sets and so on.

If i have a song and load another drum kit, the instruments comes in order they are saved by creator.

It causes mostly a big mess and lot of work to make the order "right" for that drum kit.

One solution: set the instruments in new kits in generally order for biggest drum kit and let some not used in between for smaller kits.

For example

1. Kick     1.Kick

2. Snare   2 Snare

3 Tom 10"  3.

4 Tom 12"  4. Tom 12"

5 Tom 14"   5.

6 Tom 16"   6. Tom 16"

and so on ....

It is a way to swith the drum kits but make the programming of pattern not very comfortable.

Question: Is there any other way ?



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at the moment there is no other way then your workaround..