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Manual operation of Hydrogen

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Sometimes I record a rhythm track and then want to add drums.
So I connect my BOSS Dr Rhythm and push its buttons along with the
rhythm track. Nice and simple and quick.
Hydrogen has a lot more features then my ancient drum machine.
Can I do the same method with Hydrogen, that is, just click on one
of the control screens and get Hydrogen to play / record along
with my rhythm track ?

Joined: 04/17/2010

some questions :
- what do you mean with a 'rhythm track' ? is this a drum recording you have on your pc? or a rhythm guitar recording ?
- are you going to record the output of hydrogen with another piece of software/hardware ?

if your 'rhythm track' is something you have recorded in Ardour for example, and you want to record the output of hydro onto another track in Ardour, you could do this :

- start hydro with the jack audio driver
- create a new track in ardour and connect the output of hydro to it
- in Ardour : arm this new track
- switch to Hydro and press the appropriate keys on your keyboard (i believe the keys a,s,d... z,x,c,v,... are mapped to the different sounds of your drumkit) you should see the input VU meter of the new Ardour track move
- hit record in ardour and press the keys on your keyboard as you listen to to your previously recorded 'rhythm track' (just like you used to do on your dr rhythm) and the output of hydro will be recorded onto the new Ardour track

you can also sync ardour and hydro using the Jack transport option. that way you can record your key strokes inside hydro and not directly into ardour > this allows you to make changes to what you recorded without needing to re-record the complete track

also keep in mind that using the keys on the keyboard for input, there is no velocity info, meaning that every sound will be played at the same volume. You can change the velocity of each stroke in hydrogen after you have recorded your drum track. (or use a midi input device)

hope this helps