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oh one note

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Joined: 01/28/2015

if you decide to write the tube amps you can include marshall,line6, orange,vox and any tubes you find like 12ax7 and stuff.

I will have more information as I go, and I will work on writing drum effects for hydrogen as well.


mostly so I can make some real trancy or minimal type effects on drums


which is another thing, I know you have support for lv2 and ladspa drum effects but you can always write your own drum effects.

just listen to minimal, house, trance, vocal trance, hip hop, pop and any other music you like, and try and recreate the drum effects. and even bass effects if you decide to write in any bass synths like the roland mc-202 or tb-303 you can really make some interesting stuff with the information provided here.


especially with different attacks and stuff and accents. theres a whole lot that can be done with drum effects like pitch shifting and stuff even. itll be really interesting if you or I end up writing drum effects specifically for hydrogen.


Thanks for your time, and I will continue to make suggestions, even just for fun. because they are fun.