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H2 Drum Kit Installer

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Joined: 04/17/2010

This is an experimental, bare-bones, simple utility for Windows users to install .h2drumkit files into their \Hydrogen\data\drumkits folder for use with the experimental

I have tested on Windows XP and WIndows7 x64 and it seems to work. I'm just learning Qt and C++, so I'm not sure if everything is built properly to work on various different systems. It may not work at all for you. Give it a try and post a reply here to share your results.

Feedback is welcome, although I may not be able to provide any support, solutions or fixes.



1. Run h2druminst.exe (double click)

2. Click the "Select Folder" button and browse to your Hydrogen Drum Kit folder, then click OK. (Example: C:\Program Files\Hydrogen\data\drumkits)

3. In Windows Explorer, open the folder with the .h2drumkit files to be installed (such as "TR808909.h2drumkit"). Select one or more files. Drum kit file format must be .h2drumkit or .tar.gz

4. Drag and drop the files anywhere on to the H2 Drum Kit Installer window.

5. Progess should be shown in the Status Bar at the bottom of the window. When the Status Bar, shows "Done." the new drum kits should be installed and ready to load into Hydrogen.

6. Exit or select additional .h2drumkit files to install.


a) If a drum kit with the same name has previously been installed, it will not be installed again. To install another drum kit with the same name, you must manually delete or rename the previously installed drum kit folder in Windows Explorer.

b) Accepted drum kit file formats are .h2drumkit and .tar.gz. Other files and formats will NOT install (such as .zip, .rar, .7z).

c) See h2druminst.log.txt in your h2druminst.exe folder for details of the installation process and error messages.


Download (at your own risk):

H2 Drum Kit Installer v. 0.01.00 (3.62 MB)


H2 Drum Kit Installer v. 0.01.00 - Source Code only (63.98 KB)


Joined: 04/17/2010

i just tried the kit installer on xp professional, i had to go into the drumkit folder manually and change the properties to open with vlc media player (wich is what the pre loaded drum kits opened with) to get it to work perfect. but the kits that are wave files didn`t work. thank you