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I need help

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hello everyone. I just downloaded this program and is awesome, it will help my band to practise while we find a new drummer.

However, I got a big problem with this program.

My computer is a 2007 Gateway PC with windows Vista home premium, 1 gigahertz in procesor, 1 gigabyte in RAM and 640 gigabytes in ROM. So, it?s not a slow computer, not fast, but certainly not that bad, so that?s not the source of the problem.

Now the problem is this. When I put "play song" in the structures that I have created, everything works and it plays the drum samples, but when it reaches the mid of the song or almost the end of the song, suddenly the program stops working and a message appears saying "The program did stop working correctly. Windows will notify you if there is a solution to this problem" ALSO, when I try to export songs to wav format, the program also stops working and the same message appears.

Please tell me how to solve this! I love this program, but this problem does not allows me to listen/export what I do Y..Y

Please help me >.<

(sorry for my bad english by the way)

Joined: 04/17/2010

i suppose you are using the 0.9.4 binary that is available from the site ? the windows build is rather old, you might want to check a new windows build that marney is working on (using the latest sources). You can find more info

good luck !