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Using Librarys on different PCs (W7)

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of course it is, because I started 2 weeks ago with Hydrogen. Having made a handful drums as a backing track for bass and guitar with the standard-sets, I was searching for finger snaps and found them.

Last night I imported that new instrument and (guess) put it on two and four. Today I want to add some toms, breaks, etc. using the other PC and so imported that library on this computer too.

But opening the project from my network shows the new instrument on the left side down with a red and a green sqare, where the real present instruments from the standard-librarys show orange and green.

And of course the sound is missing.

I can't find a way to teach H. what I want it to do.

And in the end, that song will be used on a third PC.


Thank you for reading.

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Hi QuixX, did you find a solution to your issue ?

If not, would you mind sharing screenshots since I'm a bit confused with reading at your message.

Have fun with Hyrogen !

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if you are using a standard drumkit you should just go to the soundlibrary, right click the drumkit and select 'load'

then your sounds will be available again

now save the song


if you are using a custom drumkit (self made) you need to export it, import it on te 2nd pc, and load i (as described above)

save your song

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Hi again,


thank you for your replys.

Hydrogen on both PC show the desired sound in the "Gimme A Hand" -kit on the right down field, if I select soundlibrary instead of instrument.

If I doubleclick the missing sound here it works. If I click on the left side the same instrument from the saved song, nothing happens.

To get access without USB-sticky-stuff, I keep the files "*.h2song" on an NAS. The librarys of course are imported for each installed Hydrogen.exe local with the build-in import tool.

My version of this program is german, please apologize, if I translate some button wrong.

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If I say load in the instrument-block, then bassdrum and anything else change to an undesired setup, where the pattern isn't written for. I only want to have an additional fingersnap.

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on each pc you need to install the same drumkits & use merge, when you add an instrument

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Thank you, but what does merge mean?