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Hydrogen BPM innaccurate

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I've been using Hydrogen almost two years; in most ways it's pretty excellent.  However, I've noticed during all that time that the timing of the tracks I create in Hydrogen don't perfectly match the timing of tracks created outside of Hydrogen, by me and everybody else in the world.  That would certainly be an issue, if true.  Over that nearly 2-year period, it seemed that Hydrogen's timing was about 1/2 of 1 percent off.  

So today I decided to record (into Audacity) metronomes from 4 different sources, all at 150 BPM.  3 of those 4 matched perfectly (their waveforms lined up perfectly in Audacity), and one of them was off by a tiny fraction; so I discarded that one, leaving only the three which agreed perfectly at 150 BPM.  

Then I created a basic  4X4 150 BPM drumline (kick and stick, the 1st 2 sounds in Hydrogen's "GMKit"), and recorded that into Audacity.  I observed that the resulting waveform immediately diverged from the other three, with Hydrogen's 150 bpm moving incrementally ahead of the other 3.  By the end of the first minute, Hydrogen was a full beat ahead of the other 3.

So I started measuring distances between corresponding spots on the waveform, so I could do some calculations; and then it occurred to me:  if Hydrogen was ahead by a full beat after the 1st minute, then I should just reset Hydrogen's BPM to 149, and re-record.

So that's what I did; and I then observed that, set at 149 BPM, Hydrogen's waveform matches perfectly the other 3, each of which are set at 150 BPM.

Unless I'm missing something, that tells me that if you want to create a 150 BPM piece of music in Hydrogen, you have to set Hydrogen's BPM at 149.

So (unless I'm missing something) this is indeed a serious issue which should be fixed.  As we all know, accurate timing is a very critical component in the making of music.

Any thoughts?

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Hi BeatleManiac!

That really sounds like a serious issue! Which version of hydrogen are you using?

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i am using Windows 0.9.6 preview for almost two years.

BPM's i've set in hydrogen matched perfectly with other software - Cubase for example.



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Yes, I'm also using version 0.9.6.  And as I mentioned, I love using Hydrogen, and it usually works correctly with the bpm setting.  I can't figure out why occasionally its bpm doesn't match up.  I can't think of a single logical or technical reason why this occasionally happens.  That's why I did all the above-mentioned testing, the last time this issue occurred --- to help me figure out what might be causing it to occur occasionally.  It makes no sense to me.  I was just wondering if anybody else had noticed something similar and, if so, did they figure something out with regards to this mystery.

I just did the same test again, at 150 bpm, and Hydrogen seems to match up ok.  I wonder if it has something to do with how many cpu-intensive music-creating applications I have running simultaneously?  I don't recall, but perhaps I had alot of applications open when I was doing the above-mentioned bpm-testing, and also others times when I occasionally notice this issue.  Maybe that can throw off Hydrogen's bpm.  I don't know.  This computer only has 4GB RAM, and I use it heavily in music-making; sometimes putting it under a strain.  Within a few weeks, I'll have a new computer with 12 or 16 GB memory, which might fix this issue for me, forever.