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Teaser of my movie - most music made with Hydrogen

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Hello everyone, i'm Gabriel Verdugo from Chile, i'm the one that ages ago won the drumkit contest, and well, those drumkits were made actually for my first animated movie, and i have finally made a treaser of Elulu, my fisrt movie, that i wanted to share with you guys and gals, the score of the movie was in most part made in hydrogen and ardour, the music of the teaser is part of the original score i did.


By the way, literally everything in the movie is made by me, if you are curious about this proyect, please go to 


also remember, that i have a feed for my copylefted drumkits, further inbstrutions in:


PD: If an admin reads this post please be kind and add the feed to the Sound libraries page on this website, it's going to make it easier to find for the community.

Greetings from Chile!