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drumkits for Yamaha DD-65 drum machine

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I've created 2 drumkits to trigger drum samples for my Yamaha DD-65 drum machine.  The first one is "Standard Kit 1".  It can be selected from the kit button on the DD-65 or by sending Bank Select and Program Change MIDI events (MSB=127, LSB=0, PC=0).  The Yamaha manual says PC range is 1 to 128 but MIDI PC range is from 0 to 127.

The second one is the "Electronic Kit" (MSB=127, LSB=0, PC=24).


I also created a small Bash script that use midish to send Bank Select and Program Change events to easily change drumkits on the fly:



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Hi, just to let you know that I've integrated those drumkits into my project "LibraZiK" which is a GNU/linux audio distribution. Thanks for sharing them under a free license.