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A couple of tunes I made with Hydrogen

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Silas Mortimer
Joined: 11/28/2011

Hi! A while back, I recorded two little instrumentals and used Hydrogen for the drum track. The rest of the sounds you'll hear on them is me playing guitar. The other things I used was a cheap Behringer knock-off guitar-to-USB device (which is funny, since the original Behringer is itself pretty cheap), the JACK sound system, guitarix for guitar FX. Ardour for recording it all, and finally Audacity for a little cleanup and exporting. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive failure, I lost all of the original files. In one of them, the drums are very, very simple and the whole thing was just a little jam I decided to record for someone (as you'll hear in the goofy little voiceover intro I added to it), and in the other, there is a fairly complex metal pattern based on the style of the best drummer I ever worked with (may he rest in peace).

In any case, rather than uploading the songs themselves, if it's all right, I'll provide some links.

First, you can listen to both (as well as some upcoming ones with singing, but again using Hydrogen for now) on the Reverbnation page of my project with a couple of other people:

And if you prefer, here are links to both songs in Google Drive:

Monsters (a cover of an old TV theme - arrangement mine, though) -

SB -

Sorry I can't provide the drum files. For the next few I'm working on, I'll make sure to upload those. I also intend to be fairly "open source" with my music, providing the master tracks in Ardour's format for people to use parts of or whatever as desired through Creative Commons license (though not completely open - if someone wants to use it commercially, they'll need to contact us). Anyway, enjoy.