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more suggestions just for fun

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Joined: 01/28/2015

I thought maybe you guys can do this. if you want to. make animal noises for hydrogen. and dont just sample them, do the math yourself its fun!

like i thought you may want to replicate everything from whales to waves on the beach to birds chirping. it might make for some interesting drum and bass.

you could emulate industrial noises too like cnc machines and stuff. it might be super interesting.  or like emulating the noise of a jet or rocket. literally any noise you can think of just emulate it.


and dont worry if you decide not to. I am going to write this stuff myself too, I am just not sure if ill end up using qt or if ill use opengl and like jack and ladspa or lv2 or alsa.


if you do it, use a lot of random numbers in your animal noises. dont base the noise on a sine wave, base it loosely on white noise. every animal noise is precise, but ever so slightly random, it will make the noises sound super realistic.


you can also do ranstorm noises and jungle noises too. that might make for some good trance.


I may or may not end up writing my own recording studio with this stuff so dont worry if you dont get around too it, itll get done somehow.


oh yeah also if you think you should make tutorials for making trance, minimal, drum and bass, and any other kind of electronic music with hydrogen. you could also develop drums and instruments for making that kind of music.


anyhow have fun