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Hydrogen 9.7. win 10 - drumkits

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Joined: 11/15/2015


Here some infos about hydrogen drum kits




9.7. export function does not work




i do not use the function to import sound libraries, i download the h2drumkit files onto my pc




h2drumkit - files are zip files that can be unzipped, then you'll get a directory including the audio files and a file called "drumkit.xlm", where the necessary information for hydrogen is stored




if you move the directories directly into C:\Program Files (x86)\Hydrogen\data\drumkits, the you get the drum kits directly into the systems library




if you store the h2drumkit files in C:\Users\"your pc"\.hydrogen\data\drumkits - you can import them from there and you'll get them in to your user library




to create new drum kits, i create first a directory with the name of the new drumkit, then i put all the audio files wav, flacc etc. in this directory, then i create with excel the according drumkit-file (drumkit.xlm) in this directory - an the new drum kit is ready




- either i put the directory in the system directory or i zip it, change it to .h2drumkit an import it in the user library




it's just that easy to create new drumkits in a few minutes




hydrogen is great, it's even now replacing the drummer, who we did not find, in our band :)