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Patterns will not copy

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Joined: 02/13/2016

I'm using a mac, version 9.6 beta.

Patterns used to copy. Now they don't. With new projects and old. I switch between Stacked and Single, Draw and Select modes. Nothing.

My method of copying that worked before: I right-click the pattern in the upper left corner, select Copy Pattern, type in several variations of file names, and either strike the Enter key or click OK. Nothing happens.

Is there too much buildup in my like, unseen files? Is there a folder of old patterns that I've overwritten or something that's been piling up that I could delete?

Thanks guys, I love Hydrogen.

Joined: 05/29/2016

I'm having the same problem as GlennDoom and I just downloaded Hydrogen last week...

any chance somebody's willing to help sort it out?