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Hydrogen w/Jack and running DAW(Reaper)

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Joined: 04/17/2010

I can't seem to run Hydrogen and Reaper together. If I open Reaper first, Hydrogen won't run properly (probably because Jack won't start). If I start Jack, then Hydrogen, my Reaper program won't accept input from my soundcard. I have a PCI Echo Audio card now, so it's funny I used to run 0.9.4. drums banging with Audacity recording my guitar input no problem, and now with a $250.00 card I can't do these 2 together? Maybe I'm not set up right, I don't know, but thanks for any tips.


Joined: 08/30/2011

I know that this is old - but i found a solution to the problem. If the issue is that either Reaper just doesn't show in the connections manager or does so irratically, deselect "Close audio device when stopped and application is inactive" in the Audio preferences. This seems to work in version 4.02.