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How to have all layers play at the correct level of source samples?

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I notice that layers don't play at the same volume and that lower numbered layers will sound quieter than the original samples used. For example, if you load two layers of the same sample file and split it into two layers, layer 1 will be quiter than layer 2, even though they are playing from the same file. I can understand the reason for this but if samples are already have their gain relative to each other, this can mess with it.

How can I make it that they play at the actual level of the original audio file? I ask cause I am sampling a drumkit at the moment and ghost notes are even quieter than they should be. I know you can adjust the gain of each sample but there's not enough room to adjust and especially when all of my recorded samples volumes are correctly relative to start with, i don't want to mess with that and just have hydrogen play them at the level they were recorded. Any help?

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that is a correct observation and there has been some discussion about that ...

the best thing to to is make sure all the samples you use for your layers are all normalized

this 'makes up' for the reduced volume as you go down the layers




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it's common practice to layer drum samples for this are adds width, depth and overall thickness to a main sound you've chosen.