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Using hydrogen for making a full song (drums+melody+chords)

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Joined: 03/11/2016

Sorry if I post a recurring question, but it isn't on the FAQ and could not find a similar question in all this site.

Can hydrogen be used to make a song melody and/or chords? Are there any "drumkits" for instruments other than drums?

It looks to me that the interface makes that possible, since I can play many sounds at once and set note and note length. If it cannot be done, what is the reason to limit hydrogen to drum or drum-like sounds only? Of course, hydrogen is great for making drum tracks, but why limit it to that?

I know I can use another sequencer, but when writing music I often want to experiment the drums together with the melody and having to do the two things - which are really connected because with the drums one wants to stress some notes - in another program and making sure everything is "in tempo" is really a nuisance. So why does hydrogen limit itself to drum beats only, making itself much less useful for music composers?

Joined: 05/06/2016

If your "other sequencer" supports the JACK transport protocol, both the sequencer and hydrogen can automatically remain in sync at all times without even being aware of each other's existence. 

I think it makes sense that hydrogen tries to be very good at one thing only instead of being mediocre at all things.

If you really wanted to also write the melodies and harmonies with hydrogen, I think it'd need a third level of hierarchy:

- first level of hierarchy is the time line where you sequence patterns over time

- second level of hierarchy is the pattern itself, where you sequence instruments (one line per instrument, e.g. a percussive sound) over time

- third level of hierarchy then would be a piano roll editor or some other note entry mechanism where you can sequence notes for each instrument over time

I'm only a beginning user myself, but I think this third level of hierarchy is not present in hydrogen at the moment.