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Windows 8 issue no AUDIO

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Joined: 04/11/2016

Hello everybody, thanks for any assistance you may have.

I used this drum machine in both windows and linux, and am grateful for the work, so grateful that I have in fact bought a beer for the developers, you can be sure I would be happy to do so again, however:
My issue is this: I installed the program several times over and for some reason I cannot hear the drums when I play the loop. I can definately hear the samples from the library but can't hear them during the playback.

It's odd, and I can't work out why, because I am certain that I had this working before. Now I just want to know if it's a windows 8 problem or if anyone has alos had this issue.

I can't think of any reason why it should specifically be this way but if it's something obvious I'd be grateful if anyone knows why this doesnt work after trying several different things.

is it a driver problem? or a windows problem, it wouldn't surprise me if it were the latter, but maybe it's just a stupid me problem.

anyway, thanks in advance,

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I guess this is a different problem.. can you try to reload the current drumkit? The problem is that older versions of hydrogen had problems when saving path names of samples.

Example: If your song uses GmKit, then go to the soundlibrary panel on the right side and right-click on "GmKit". Then choose "load" from the menu. Now your song should play fine again! If not: Just report back and complain :)