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editing after recording midi input.

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Joined: 04/17/2010

I currently use a korg nanopad to record notes into hydrogen.
I am not the best drummer, so many of my notes are off beat. I want to fix them with the mouse, but when I try to fix the pattern, I cannot fix off-beat or not quantized notes.

I can always erase any note i place with the mouse because they are always on beat.

My work-around is to clear all notes for that instrument then redo them till the sound is close enough.

It seems to be related to the mouse pointer and alignment or possibly something with quantize or resolution. If perhaps there was a function to draw a selection box around a note not set to a quantized point i would not need help.

My Question is This: can the mouse select/erase notes individually if the note is not on beat with the selected resolution?

any help here would be greatly appreciated. I am sure other people have had the exact same problem.

Joined: 04/17/2010

thanks to jorma. after reading for more than an hr about other posts, i found one called uneditable hits.

It says there to turn resolution to off, then you should be able to edit all notes. I will try this when I get home.

If that works, then I am a major fan of Hydrogen after i figure out how to build my own drum kits.

Yep...... after getting home and turning the resolution off, I was able to select any note and remove it.