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drumkits won't export

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Joined: 07/26/2014

i am using 0.9.6 and cannot get any of the kits (sound libraries) to Export. i downloaded 0.9.7 on my other laptop and it works fine.

I do not want to reinstall and lose my main drumkit that i built...i would like to be able to export it to the other laptop for use when needed.

please help.


Joined: 03/30/2010


If you're using windows, then there is most likely a bug in the 0.9.6 version which messes up the drumkit export.

But thats not a problem, you can save the soundlibrary (aka drumkit) and copy the folder to the 0.9.7 laptop.

Also, installing 0.9.7 on your laptop with 0.9.6 should not be a problem - but, i have to add, since 0.9.7 is still a beta version, the upgrade-workflows are not totally tested at the moment..

Joined: 07/26/2014

strangely enough the only kits that live in the <drumkits> folder are 'system' kits. i have 4 other 'user' kits that i use but their folders are no where to be found.  i know they exist...i use em!!!

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what system are you on, windows/mac/linux ?

Joined: 11/28/2014

Stikkydoll, user drumkits are stored on a hidden directory in your home directory along with Hydrogen config file and a few other things.

On Windows:

  • - Click Start
  • - type in Run box C:\Users\<username>\.hydrogen\

On Linux:

  • - Open Terminal
  • - Type cd ~/.hydrogen

This is a hidden directory. Under there you will find directory data, and in that drumkits.

I'd imagine Linux Terminal way would work with Mac as well, as OSX is Darwin-based... but no guarantees given :-)