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Controlling Hydrogen tempo via MIDI

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Hi All,

I am sorry if this question is too generic or poorly formulated, I am just trying to zero in to what I'd like to obtain and unfortunately this is not yet clear.

To cut the story short, I'll first ask you the direct question, and after that you can read the background if so inclined.

Question : is it possible to pilot Hydrogen's pattern speed with a MIDI clock or something to that effect? I would like Hydrogen to acquire a certain bpm from another software.


Background: I am trying to put toghether a looper + drum machine for my practice and amusement with the guitar :-)

If you happen to play guitar you may know Boss RC 300 looper, a quite advanced dedicated machine which has - indeed - a looper and integrated drum machine, which allows one to record some loop and, while building one's song, add drums which play in sync. Pretty nice.

I've set out to do the same - kind of - but using a self built MIDI controller and available open source software. If succesful, I will then share the project.

The looper function is implemented by Moebius of circular labs. Really a nice piece of software if you don't know it. It comes with plenty of quantization synchronization capabilities, and gives you the possibility to control/sync - i.e. send clock signals - to other MIDI capable devices. I figure then that I could start recording some guitar loop with Moebius, then, once the timing information is in, use that to set tempo in Hydrogen. Other commands like start/stop or whatever could still come from the pedalboard I'm set out to build.

Thank you for any comment and suggestion :-)


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Hello Michele!

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment via midi. One developer started a branch to work on that feature (i'm not even sure if it was used to control hydrogen's tempo via midi or to send hydrogen's tempo to other devices via midi), but that development was never really finished.

Joined: 05/03/2016

Hi Mauser

thanks for your reply :-)

That's unfortunate, Hydrogen seems quite a good software and I'd really like to exploit its capabilities.

Will keep searching then,