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Using both hands for drums/percussion

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Hi all,

kind of a rant, I guess. My thought is this:   

Why do drumkits only have one note assigned to each instrument? Shouldn't there be two? After all, most people have two hands and would be able to perform better (in realtime) if they had 2 keys for each snare, hi-hat, etc.

If I were to play real drums, I would use both hands to hit the snare. I can do more that way.

But with drumkits, there's only one note/key assigned to, for example, the snare, and it's pretty darn hard (if not impossible) to use both hands (unless the rhythm is done with step sequencing).

Anyone else have the same frustration? What I guess I have to do then, is re-make my drumkits with 2 notes assigned for the same snare, cymbal, etc.    Or is there a way around that?

All comments welcome! ;)