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(First Post) Greetings and my YouTube Channel

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Joined: 06/24/2016

Hi to the forum members and moderators. I m a bassoonist, playing accordion a couple of years and had an interest in drums. Hydrogen is really a good software without templates (block of elements and loops) that allows to create your own music without needing much musical knowledge (to some) by adding dots simply. I really liked the software and found it very useful for creating original content and export as superb quality. So after I got used to it and have time in these days, I made some music and decided to start a youtube channel "Murathan Hydrogen" and uploaded my first music video today. Plus 2 more tracks tomorrow. I m going vacation next week but in the next season (autumn) I m thinking to release much tracks there also representing the software thisway I hope. Anyways, Thanks for being free and solved my rhythm enthusiasm without working on any real instrument. My channel can be found at (Open to sub for sub in Hydrogen Topic) :

I m originally from Republic of Turkey but you can consider me as an American in every way. Have a nice day and Thanks again. :)))