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General Midi Drumkit for Hydrogen

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Joined: 07/06/2016

Hi there

So, I've been Googling for a while now, and it appears that there is no easy, simple, good quality drumkit for Hydrogen drum machine that is actually General Midi compatible.

Since I need one myself, and I don't mind putting one together from existing samples or soundfonts, I would love to put one together.

The only problem is, I don't know how.

Could someone give me instructions how to put together a GM-compatible drumkit in Hydrogen, so that if one makes a nice beat and exports to Midi, it will export with the correct instrument mappings? Then I can get started!

I was thinking of taking an already-existing drumkit, something nice and high quality with a good, real, acoustic sound, changing the mappings to that each one will be exported to Midi correctly, and then maybe later adding more and more and more drums/sounds to eventually fill up all the possible instruments/sounds...