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No sound after saving a song

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Joined: 08/01/2016

Dear all,

I recently saved a song which was working just fine. The next time I opened the file, the sound would not play. All Jack settings are fine, I can even hear the Hydrogen metronome, but no drum patterns. Neither do I hear any sound when I click on the name of the instrument (usually this would play the instrument). This is reproducible and I attached the file to this post. When I start a new Hydrogen song, the sound works just fine. As said, this is no Jack problem, other programs are playing fine. In fact, the Hydrogen mixer does not show any sound output, either.

For my setup, I created a live loop setup along with sooperlooper. For the loop sessions, I switch on and off the different Hydrogen patterns via a MIDI foot pedal. This works well on my Kubuntu Linux (with Jack).

I would appreciate any hint towards understanding (and solving) this problem, as I am using Hydrogen for small live gigs, as well.

Thanks a lot in advance

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Joined: 04/17/2010

I would suggest you to try to load your song first, then reload the drumkit.