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Drumkit importing with no layers in any instrument

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Joined: 09/25/2016

Hi! I'm new to the forum, but I have been using hydrogen for almost a year now. I am having an issue with importing a drum kit from another computer that I have meticulously edited for a while. I am using the same version of hydrogen in both computers. I did all the editing in the instrument editor only. when I try to import that custom drum kit to the new computer and load it into hydrogen, it shows up, only all the individual layers for each instrument are missing!!!! This means there is no sound when I try to play it, both with a pattern loaded and manually for each instrument. Thankfully, the layers exist when I open up the drum kit in my browser, so they're all still there. But for some reason they're not showing up or loading when I load the drum kit. The instruments are, but not the layers. I need this drum kit and cannot start over. Is there a way I can make it load properly when I import it?

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That sounds like a bug..

which version of hydrogen are you using? And on which operating system?

Have you tried to reload the drumkit on the "faulty" computer? If reloading the drumkit does not help: Can you put that drumkit online somewhere so i can try to debug the problem?