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Bryan Adams "Everything I Do..."

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Hello everyone! Here is the full drum part, including the long outro solo part, to Adams' classic song "Everything I Do..." I'm posting the audio file (link) as well as the drum file, in case you want to mix and balance the parts diffenently than I did. For the hydrogen file, I kept all the instruments at full volume, that way you can mix and balance the parts however you want. 


There were a couple of errors in the sheet music I used for this part. The silence just before the solo, and just before the piano kicks in at the end, are too short. Since there is no easy way in Hydrogen to insert a measure in the middle of the song, and automatically move everything over, I just kept it as is, and fixed it in an audio editor after the fact. The other backing tracks (synth, bass, etc) are availabl on my youtube channel, or I'd be happy to send you a PDF of those parts. Please, enjoy!  (my custom drum kit for this song)  (uncompressed audio file)   (Link to my youtube channel)

EverythingIDoMod.h2song322.42 KB
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Sorry I'm new on this forum... I have no sound with your song... :(

But with a news song, all is all right.

I make something wrong... Could you help me ?



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There seems to be an issue here too. When downloading the drumkit, it's only of 45 octets which looks to indicate that something is missing.

@Jman99: could you please check about that? Thanks.