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Building Hydrogen 0.9.7 on macOS Sierra

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Joined: 12/02/2016

I just had difficulty building/installing/running Hydrogen on macOS Sierra but finally did it with a mixture of the Mac OS X howto, an updated QT and the info in the INSTALL.txt file. This is the process that worked for me, hope it helps someone:

1) Install the MacOSX XCode Developer tools for your system ( Be sure to choose Unix tools as well when installing.

2) Download and install MacPorts from

3) Open a terminal and install hydrogen with sudo port install hydrogen (sudo will ask for your administrative password). At the moment the macports build of hydrogen is outdated, so compilation will fail. But now you got all necessary stuff...

4) Make sure that cmake is installed:

$ sudo port install cmake

5) Install qt5

$ sudo port install qt5

6) Download the Hydrogen sources from git:

$ git clone

7) Navigate to build directory:

$ cd hydrogen/build/

8) Issue cmake on the above directory:

$ cmake ..

9) Run make:

$ make

10) Install:

$ sudo make install

11) You should now be able to run hydrogen with this command:

$ open -a "Hydrogen"