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Non-drum kits

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Joined: 09/14/2013

Here are a few non-drum kits I use stand alone or combined with drum kits to create bass and guitar tones to jam with or for songs.  I'm still kind of new to this process so if they don't load correctly let me know.  I also included the wav files used for the kits just in case.  I hope you find these as useful and enjoyable as I have.  3 kits zipped up include:

Aerodyne Jazz Bass - low E string E to D#/Eb

Boss DR-5 Bass - Nice round bass tones from one of the best drum machines of the 90's, IMO of course.  E to D#/Eb

Custom Tele Low E 1 Octave - Best guitar I have ever had in terms of playability and tone.  Low E to D string 2nd fret E.