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Somebody is SELLING HYRDROGEN on eBay

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Joined: 04/17/2010

I think that this guy is ILLEGALLY SELLING (Copyright Infringement) this program on eBay. I purchased what he called a Drum Machine program, picturing a retail box and made me pay in Australian dollars, but shows item location as in Florida. After paying him by PayPal, he then sends a message with a download link for the program, which ends up being HYDROGEN. His ad shows FREE SHIPPING - Expedited shipping, meaning that it is a physical object, so I'm expecting a CD in a retail box. In addition to the HYDROGEN PROGRAM download link, he gave a link for a BONUS. The bonus page is a few simple free programs and a bunch of GOOGE ADS which he obviously profits from. Here is the eBay ad page:

Here is the download page the buy sent me to:

Here is the BONUS LINK that he sent me to:

He is basically trying to wrap up the FREE PROGRAM and SELL IT on eBay. What an idiiot!

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hydrogen is under gpl. i think it would much nicer if he would link to the current 0.9.6 windows version and not the old one.