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I'm gonna record my acoustic set

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smiling looser
Joined: 04/17/2010

I'm gonna build a sample pack for Hydrogen made out of recorded acoustic drums. I have a humble project sudio, some recording equipment and acoustic drum set (Shure SM57, EV PL33 kick mic, no name(that turned out to be decent) condenser overhead mics etc, Basix Neon Birch 22, 10, 12, 14 drumset, dual channel valve/modeling preamp, M-audio Delta 1010(rack version) soundcard...

The main reason I wanna do this is lack of powerfull rock/punk/hardcore samples. I noticed that most sample packs (comercial or free) just doesn't have snare samples that were actually hit using full strenght (the way drummers of various rock subgenres do it). The sample pack is going to contain large number of different samples for same velocity hits in order to avoid that anoing rythm machine effect.

Now, aldo I have a goal of my own to achive, since I'll be recording drums and sharing that samples with all of you, I would like to hear your wishes. If someone's got some other drumming style wishes, ideas about something that would be cool to include in a sample pack etc, please let me now. I wanna make this samples to sound as realistic as possible so all ideas and detalis are welcome. Just leave your comments right here and I will read them.

This idea could turn out to be a grat one, since I'm a drummer myself (intermediate level, I play in several bands), and also I have recording/postproduction knowledge (mixing and producing various style music for about 8/9 years now)...I'm planing to start the recording tomorrow, so, sooner you tell me what would you like to have in this sample pack, larger the chances to get it are.

smiling looser
Joined: 04/17/2010

Recording session started.

O.k! I just recorded my snare and I'm pretty happy with what I got...My goal is to achive the sound similar to this:
I made a bunch of samples and I'm gonna leave 'em all dry, unEQed and uncompressed so you can play with it like real producers do.
I decided to make a very large sound library (about 60 samples each piece, some pieces more, some less) that will consist of:
1. Snare center hit with left hand
2. Snare center hit with right hand
3. Snare side hit L
4. Snare side hit R
5. Snare click open hit
6. Snare click closed hit
7. Bas drum open hit(bringing the beater back)
8. Bas drum closed hit(leaving the beater on the drumhead)
9. 10'' tom L
10. 10" tom R
11. 14"floor tom L
12. 14"floor tom R
13. Hi-hat open L
14. Hi-hat open R
15. Hi-hat semi open L
16. Hi-hat semi open R
17. Hi-hat closed L
18. Hi-hat closed R
19. Hi-hat pedal
20. 16" Rock Crash
21. 22"Ride body
22. 22"Ride side
23. 22"Ride bell

I'm only worried abot all those sample files. Will hydrogen handle a 23 instrument project with 60 layers each without complications(what about RAM, HDD reading, CPU etc...)?
Wolke? Anybody?

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That depends on the sample size. Keep in mind: All samples will be loaded to your Ram. We're not streaming anything from harddisk. 60 layers will be too much (in my opinion). Just check how big your files are and you know where you will end up :)

smiling looser
Joined: 04/17/2010

OK...That realy was a good advice. Any opions of what's the best sound format to use? Most practial - small files with good sound?
I'm recording everything in 96000hz 24-bit wav to preserve as many details as posible while capturing. So, it looks like I'll have to do some converting hehehe...

smiling looser
Joined: 04/17/2010

And...Hi-hat capturing finished! Now we have snare and hi-hat...

Oh man!!! That was (maybe) the most boring thing i ever did in my entire life...Open, semi open, closed, with left and right hand, foot, zilion takes... ARgh! But it's done. And sounds good.

I'm gonna watch some movie now...Crash, ride, bass and the rest - definetly not until tomorrow.

smiling looser
Joined: 04/17/2010

...and the Crash Cymbal is recorded too now...