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I'm gonna record my acoustic set

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smiling looser
Joined: 04/17/2010

I'm gonna build a sample pack for Hydrogen made out of recorded acoustic drums. I have a humble project sudio, some recording equipment and acoustic drum set (Shure SM57, EV PL33 kick mic, no name(that turned out to be decent) condenser overhead mics etc, Basix Neon Birch 22, 10, 12, 14 drumset, dual channel valve/modeling preamp, M-audio Delta 1010(rack version) soundcard...

The main reason I wanna do this is lack of powerfull rock/punk/hardcore samples. I noticed that most sample packs (comercial or free) just doesn't have snare samples that were actually hit using full strenght (the way drummers of various rock subgenres do it). The sample pack is going to contain large number of different samples for same velocity hits in order to avoid that anoing rythm machine effect.

Now, aldo I have a goal of my own to achive, since I'll be recording drums and sharing that samples with all of you, I would like to hear your wishes. If someone's got some other drumming style wishes, ideas about something that would be cool to include in a sample pack etc, please let me now. I wanna make this samples to sound as realistic as possible so all ideas and detalis are welcome. Just leave your comments right here and I will read them.

This idea could turn out to be a grat one, since I'm a drummer myself (intermediate level, I play in several bands), and also I have recording/postproduction knowledge (mixing and producing various style music for about 8/9 years now)...I'm planing to start the recording tomorrow, so, sooner you tell me what would you like to have in this sample pack, larger the chances to get it are.

And yeah...I forgot to mention that this sample pack will be avilable for free. This site will be the first to have it.