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I wrote this when I was 14 and rebellious. It's entitled

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Last 23 hours
I made my final decision
At 12 o'clock prompt
I was in a very bad condition
Pills all over my bed
The word ASPIRIN was in my head
I was ready to die
But the Grim Reaper left me alive

Oh I never know why
How hard I try
When it's time to die
I will survive
I tried, I'll try, I'm tired of trying
It was damn hard to say goodbye.

I was sick of my purgative life
Overwhelmed with the posterity
I've tried to hold on
But here came the possibilities
Jumped off from the highest floor
Of a building. through the window
Fell down like a flash
But all I got was just a scratch

Oh I didn't understand
Why it happened again
I had waited till then
It started to rain
It got me all fed up
I didn't give a damn
With all the craps
I had to pretend

It's just not my time,not my chance
not my destiny
But I'm really pressed of courage and help
Laying dead in the coffin with eggs on my face
They will never understand
I'm not a toy, not a buff, not a slag
I'm just a silhuette of a knight errant
In my weirdland...

Oh I think I'm a fool
There'll be no swashbuckling
When everyone around
Wish you never exist
Mortality rate should never increase
So I'll dig through time
Wearing shocking pink.