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first post ... hello.

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Joined: 06/14/2017

Hi guys , I recetly founded this amazing hydrogen software.
Some weeks ago a received this hobby drum set:
I finished assembly it and it is working now.
So far I tested this using ableton and it is working good but it still have a little latency while playing.
Since im linux fan I preffer to make it work with hydrogen.

Here some of my questions.

Is it possible to make it work using my laptop sound card (alsa driver) and usb-midi cable ? What is the lower latency I can get ? (so far I can get 185 ms using ableton on a vm)

Is it better to use jack or jack2 ?
Is there any linux distro where the complete system works better ? (hydrogen + jack + midi + usb-midi).
What are the mandatory things I need to check to make it work ? (kernel modules , drivers , libraries , etc )