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your feedback is welcome.

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one year is gone since we start developing this site. now the site is launched. many thanks to all involved people and nielo. have fun!

please report problems or make your suggestions here or at hydrogen developers mailing list.


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This site it's already major step forward from the old one, so congratulation to all the team. As far as I been using it, one thing that I observed is that it would be great to have the ability to stay logged in the site, or at least automated login when you enter the site. The forum works great for me but it's really tedious having to complete a captcha every time you want to post a reply, but it will keep those spammers away.

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i currently work on the

i currently work on the cookie authentication, so maybe their happens some irregularities. we use cookie authentication with ~21 days live time. if you don't log out, your session will restored if your last login is not older than 21 days or/and you don't delete your cookies.

the first month without captcha, spammers flute this site. and this happens in a "unpublished" development stage.