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Xrun problem when using drum pads with hydrogen. Help!!

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So i have connected up my Yamaha DD-55c to my computer via a usb/midi converter. I am running Ubuntu 10.04 with realtime kernel. I have the latency in jack down to just enough so i can play the pads without a delay but i keep getting xruns. My computer is 2.66 ghz with 3gb RAM and i am using an alesis multimix as my audio interface. Should i be having this problem? Or does anyone know what i could try to get rid of it? It's very annoying. It usually happens when i play the pads in fast sucession. If i play really slow i don't tend to get the xruns as much but once i speed up and do fills it's only a matter of time before the sound starts to spit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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IMO this is more of a Jack config issue than H2, but can you let us know the details of your Jack config ?