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TR-707 Hollow Sun

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Joined: 09/13/2017

Hi there,


I notice in the help file, with reference to importing drumkits, a TR-707 kit.

I believe this was created by Stephen Howell from Hollow Sun.

If anyone has a copy of this, it would be much appreciated.

The Roland TR-707 was my first drum machine.

And I miss Stephen, who had a hand in designing some of my much loved Akai equipment.


My OS is Win 7 64bit, H20 V1.0.

I am a new user, but I am really enjoying it, and grateful to those who have brought it this far.


I would  like to learn how to compile an H20 drumkit on windows from my wav samples.

If someone could create  a step by step instruction, this would be useful.


edit ... Tuesday 19/09/17

Actually, I found a youtube video which showed how to load my own samples, and after watching that, I could see the Manual  clearly shows how to do it. So I have answered my own question.

All the same, if someone still has the Hollow Sun version of the TR-707, which is no longer on the download page, I would appreciate a copy.