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Hydrogen being sold?

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Hi : )

I don't know much about licenses and legal matters but I am much surprised to have found a program being sold for either 6,75+3,37 EUR or for 9,98 EUR +3,99 EUR postage - that is, 10 or 14 € - as
"Drum Machine & MIDI Sequencer Software Suite – Create and Edit Professional Drum"

in a most popular selling site.
The point of this message is that the picture and capture that illustrate the "product" being sold are the pictures attached. : \
It looks very much like my beloved Hydrogen, stuffed in a box, which I have had in my distros for years and years now. And not even the name appears anywhere because the box just displays "Advanced Drum Machine" and the add claims: "This CD-ROM is copyrighted. Any reproduction, duplication or resale of this CD-ROM is prohibited." ...
The tutorial in the promised bundled PDF must be awesome and the support fabulous ...
("Pirates" they say ...)

I am rather upset that Free and Open Software under GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2) can be sold for a profit without even mentioning the name of the program.
I wish someone more versed than I in these topics can provide some explanation for this. It may be legal, in the window$ universe, I'm pretty sure it is, but it appears rather opportunistic to say the least.
It just doesn't seem fair.

It goes to show that the differences between Open and Free Software are more profound than it is thought. Or not thought at all.

Thank you, developers. And thanks for any explanation.

: )

PS: Free as in freedom and free as in beer : ) but free to sell? : (

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Yes, free as in freedom, usually but NOT necessarily free as in beer. And of course, free to sell!


Listen to what Richard Stallman is saying about this:


The copyright they claim is not about the probably used Hydrogen, though about the created CD, which is a work done by those Guys. So, you are just not allowed to copy the CD and to sell copies from that CD.

Though if it is Hydrogen bundled in that CD, you can grab this Hydrogen version and share it as usual, since the original license of Hydrogen just doesn't change by such bundled CD. If they claim such, it would be a violation of the Hydrogen Licens -which is a GPL, right?


Others may proof me wrong...