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Footswitch ... Hydrogen V1.0 Win7 64

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Joined: 09/13/2017

Hello everyone,


The Scythe USB-1FS-2 is a programmable USB single switch.

I programmed the switch to emulate the Spacebar. 

This allows a footswitch Start/Stop function with Hydrogen V1.0 and Windows 7 64.

Yay !!!


The device itself is well built and of solid construction.

Programming, easy to use, software is provided.

There are other versions which have 2 or 3 switches.

And more complex progamming is possible.

I only wanted a simple Start/Stop function, and this works well.


I had first tried the Logidy UMI3.

This is a midi device, (wheras the Scvythe is a keyboard emulator).

The Logidy UMI3 works with Hydrogen when used within Linux.

However Hydrogen V1.0 Windows does not appear to have a fully functioning midi input.

So the UMI3 does not work with Hydrogen and Windows.