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Export a multitrack MIDI file.

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Joined: 02/07/2018

Hello, I'm a teacher of computer music at the Bilbao music school. I teach my students Hydrogen. A student asked me if I can export a MIDI multitrack file.

I have tried changing the channel of all instruments in the GMKit library. Each with a different channel. When I import it into Pro Tools they all appear on a track.

I have tried editing the GMKit xml and assigning a different channel in <midiOutChannel> to each instrument. The result is the same. When importing into Pro Tools the drum is still on a track.

The solution that I have given to the student is that he duplicates the drum track several times in Pro Tools and that he eliminates the instruments he doesn’t want until he stays for one per track.

Is there any way to create a MIDI multitrack file?


Thank you so much.