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What is your favourite feature for the next version of hydrogen?

More included patterns / songs
7% (5 votes)
Better support for Mac OS X
15% (10 votes)
Better support for Microsoft Windows
9% (6 votes)
Improved stability
18% (12 votes)
Higher quality drumkits
28% (19 votes)
Improved jack transport
18% (12 votes)
Disk streaming
6% (4 votes)
Total votes: 68


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poll closed

this poll has been closed

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Wee bit late...

Bit late but I voted for improved stability. I'm now using 0.9.5 but it's highly unstable at lower latency settings and high DSP loads. Adding or deleting instruments is a daring task in my situation, nothing is more demotivating than a crashing Hydrogen after having added and tweaked a few instruments without saving the project.

I'd also be very much in favor for improved JACK transport, I get the idea that Hydrogen is paying the least attention to what JACK is doing of all the apps I'm using that support JACK transport.

Another thing that is high on my wish list for H2 is JACK portnames. Could they please get updated properly immediately after having added or modified an instrument? Now they either don't get updated at all or the output remains dead silent which only resolves after a restart of H2.

Also for me personally the sequencer is unusable. It skips beats and the editor lacks imho too much functionality so I stopped using it (switched to seq24). When it comes to lacking functionality, I mean things like being able to adjust other settings than velocity or panning, longer pattern sizes (a maximum of 32 is too short) and patterns being able to run independently from each other (so not getting cut off after the shortest pattern has ended, ie. the way seq24 does it).

Sorry about coming off a bit hard but it's just that I use Hydrogen on an almost daily basis and then its shortcomings are very cumbersome. At the moment it's the weakest link in my workflow :( Nonetheless it's a fantastic sampler, the sample editor is great (even though working with rubberband causes a lot of xruns) and it's really easy to use. Imho it easily beats any other sampler available for Linux. And it's great to see there is such an active community.



PS. and maybe it would be an idea to exchange ideas with the author of Composite. The Linux Audio community is really dying for a sampler LV2 plug-in.

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hi, i am interested on your

hi, i am interested on your xrun problem using rubberband.

can you give some more details.


  1. which version of hydrogen do you use?
  2. and if you use 0.9.6 which implementation do you use? rubberband-cli or librubberband
  3. do you have this problem on an single core machine?

greetings wolke

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Rubberband issues

Hello Wolke,

Will do, I will also create a separate bug report for this. As for the questions:

  1. 0.9.5 on Ubuntu 10.04 64bits
  2. NA
  3. No, a quad core machine.



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some words left.

yesterday i fixed a frame problem with the lib rubberband implementation. now its possible to use librubberband also time accurate instead of rubberband-cli. this will increase performance here. this is only available in hydrogen 0.9.6 svn head (trunk). 

whatever, against time out problematic on low latency, simple increase jack timeout for example via qjackctl timeout settings. i use 5000 ms and everything works fine here. so i can use h2 rubberband-cli with 32 frames, 4 periods and 48khz. this give me a latency from only 2,67 ms. hydrogen works very smooth even if i play with sampleditor and rubberband to crate sound effects during playback. normally i get no xruns caused on hydrogen. only if the h2 audio-engine timed out because rubberband need to much time to calculate.

greetings wolke

Hi Jeremy!! Thanks for your

Hi Jeremy!!

Thanks for your detailed report! I was just checking the issue with the portnames on my system, but i can't reproduce it. Let me describe what i did:

1) Run patchage to monitor jack settings

2) Start hydrogen with gmkit

3) Create a small beat, then delete an instrument

4) add another instrument


Both changes at 3) and 4) are appearing suddenly in patchage (checked with 0.9.5 and 0.9.6). Do you see a different behaviour on your system?

But i admit that i saw some flaws when changing complete drumkits, there is certainly a bug.

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Hello Mauser, I'll file a bugreport.



Open MIDI files


In the new implementation it could be useful to be able to open MIDI files (drums' ones). And of course better drums' sounds (it' my vote)


Better external MIDI functionality

I'd love to replace my MPC 2000xl with Hydrogen (on a netbook for live with a MIDI pad device) .. things I've noticed missing are mostly in the MIDI sequencing realm (or maybe I just can't find are);


1. MIDI Clock sync (send and receive.. send is the higher priority)..

2. Ability to send MIDI on multiple outputs (2 would suffice.. but configurable would be better) - 16 MIDI channels sometimes isn't enough..

3. Ability to receieve MIDI from multiple inputs.. -

4. ability to send program changes to external devices

5. (less important but would be nice). record and send MIDI sysex realtime messages (some of my old synths  (TX-81z) have some parameters which can only be changed in real time via Sysex .. e.g LFO speed)

BTW - I'm more than happy to test any MIDI functionality in a real world hardware based studio (and with softsynths)



Before everyone tells me to go and use seq24.. it isn't maintained and doesn't compile on my system.. and some of the loop sampling capabilities (inc using rubberband) are phenomenal in Hydrogen.. Hydrogen has the loop sequencing concept pretty much down pat, so it would be good if it were extended out to other devices.. Hydrogen also appears to have the strongest development team.. important for the long term viability..  

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interesting suggestion. in

interesting suggestion. in fact we have a branch which comes with midi-clock support. the branche is called midi-clock. you get it via svn co working functions are send/receive midi clock, send/receive start/stop messages and send/receive song position pointer(spp). also it generate two midi outputs. one for tr messages and one for notes.

Awesome, I'll check that out

Awesome, I'll check that out when I get home tonight.May not get to give it a good bash till the weekend though..

tr messages? is that transport ..useful to separate in the software world but hardware  external devices may need to see those as well as notes .. (especially things with MIDI clock synced LFO's e.t.c.) ..although I guess I may be able to merge that information using qjackctl.. or acconect..

a 2nd output for MIDI Note information would also be awesome.. as mentioned.. user configurable is probably the best way to go long-term

If my suggestions are viable and people have the time to work on them, then I am more than happy to test these out.. and provide feedback.. .





choke notes

I'd like to add choke notes to my patterns. They would have a different color (e.g. grey) or shape than standard notes and mute the specific instrument at that beat.

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hi, Have you checked out the


Have you checked out the 'mute group' function in Hydrogen 0.9.5 ? (see the 'mute group' section in

or you could also work in 'note off' mode to accomplish this (see





Higher Quality Drumkits

First of all, Hydrogen is great!  I've used it on one song and the drums were really good with one of the GSCW kits, but the drumkits I've seen are limited.  I'm not a drummer, so bear with me not having the right terms here, but I haven't seen light cymbol "ting" or the quiet to loud "wosh" type cymbol.  All the cymbols are crashes, it would be nice to have more varity there.

Otherwise, thanks for a great piece of software!


fx on mac os x

I'm on os x

-I'd like to be able to use the effects on os x, so far that didn't work for me.

- when I bounce a song the signal is too hot,

even when I set up everything with the master level never above the green.

- I think the diamonds in the editor is better  than dots

And I should say I'm very happy already with what it is now.


Ideas for "Better support for Mac OS X"

Here are some areas where I think Mac OS X support could be even better:


- It would be nice if Hydrogen stopped using 5% of the CPU all the time (even when doing nothing): this makes the fan of my laptop start, which is annoying, in a music program.

- Fewer crashes would be convenient.

- A Mac OS X package of the more recent versions would be convenient.


Anyway, thank you for your great work!

Better support for Mac OS X

The topic says all.

I'm disposable for beta testing.

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My bad I choose the wrong

My bad I choose the wrong option (Stability, but I wanted Better quality drum kits). In my opinion a great feature to have would be the possibility of using more than one drum kit at the same time, so you could make a groove with drums and percussion altogether.

Hi! You can already use


You can already use instruments from different drumkits at once! Just drag them to your instrument list from the soundlibrary (the panel on the right).

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Thanks for your reply, I know

Thanks for your reply, I know that. I was refering to use 2 diferents drum kits at once with individuals patterns for each one. Did i made myself clear? Thanks in advance!

more ideas for the list

Couple of things you may wish to think about that aren't on the list (nothing currently on the list interests me at all)

* round-robin sample playback

* box select/drag and drop/cut/copy/paste in the pattern editor

* ability to replace *one* drum with another

* put the instrument list next to the instrument editor (work flow)

* bring back the diamonds in the pattern is very difficult to determine position with a round dot - especially in rolls - where they overlap and just become a mess

* keyboard navigation (vital imo)

* change the size/resolution to something that makes musical sense - eg "size=8 res=4"  currently means "1 bar of 4 beats divided into 4 notes". That, to me, is "4/4" time.



Hi! Thanks for your wishlist!


Thanks for your wishlist! I think the round robin mode can be done without any big hassle.. I will try to integrate this.

The other items are valid as well, of course, but i'm not sure if i can work on them for the next release.

First of all, thanks to

First of all, thanks to everyone involved in the hydrogen project. I use it all the time and it has been a great tool for getting my ideas down.


I find it is a very stable programme. The only one thing i have had annoyance with has been to do with importing drum samples. Sorry if there is a way to do this but i haven't found it yet. I would like to be able to import full drum kits in one go. For example, if i have a folder with 25 drum samples, could it be possible to select the folder and for all drum samples to be loaded in one go into the pattern area rather than selecting them one by one? That feature would make things much easier for me.


So basically it would be nice if there were more options for importing and organising your drums samples i.e. to be able to do it in fewer steps than you have to currently for large amounts of drum samples. I agree with others that stability is not an issue and that functionality should be prioritised. I often wondered if the interface could be improved on but have never thought of a way in which it could. It is pretty easy to get around but just a thought to look into. Maybe also an area for saving patterns to that could easily be dragged and dropped into the sequencer to quickly arrange a song idea.


Once again, thanks guys, keep up the good work and i look forward to, and appreciate, any improvements in the next version :)

We already have the

We already have the soundlibrary for the organization of patterns. You can save a pattern and then drag and drop it to the pattern editor!

6 votes for stability? Нмм,

6 votes for stability? Нмм, H2 looks pretty stable for me, much more stable than MOST linux audio apps, am I doing something wrong?

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better stability = fix bugs

fo me improving the stability means fixing the open bugs (and yes, hydrogen has bugs ;-)

hence my vote on this item

Pattern Editor

For me the biggest improvement would be to enhance the usability of the pattern editor.  I would love to be able to move/copy beats from one instrument to another within the pattern editor.  Also a seamless way to change an instrument's voice would be very helpful.

Better support for time changes, more funsionality

there is nothing on this planet you can't improve, and although Hydrogen is a really GREAT drum sequencer I'd see two areas were a improvement could take place:

1. the time change capability (especially when connect to Ardour) is IMHO not correct

2. functionality (stability isn't an issue in my experience)

And as funcionality I think there should be an extra poll (after collecting suggestions and ideas from the users)

i.e. I could imagine things like "mute patterns", or improved editing (pattern editor, song editor), or the possibility to "pre-listen" to a drumkit before it is loaded. Or a improved concept about the drumkits, so that you can more easy define own kits or -very important- chose another drumkit in an existing song (I know, the order sequence of the instruments is a hard problem to solve, but maybe there are ideas in the community or on developer side)

What would I do ? Well, to be honest, I would (being a PURE Linux musician) investigate "Addicted Drums" in Windows Land, find out whats good on their side and take maybe some inspirations from there.

Just my 2 cents, thanks for reading.

And thank you for excellent software you have created, VERY good job, guys ! I will donate RIGHT NOW.


Yours Prof Knaakenbroed

(visite my free music, ALL drums are hydrogen: )

For me hydrogen is almost

For me hydrogen is almost perfect. I have sometines a few problems with jack tranport. It doesn't work very well together with Ardour, Rosegarden or Qtractor.

Thanks for your comment, i've

Thanks for your comment, i've added it to the poll..

Great work so far!

I love the progress the program is making recently. Thought the project was dead for awhile but there's a whole lot of updates and news on the website and I think it's great. I use hydrogen on Windows and OSX all the time, so continuing to support those platforms is absolutely pivotal (in my opinion).

If I could change one thing about Hydrogen it would be for the program to not generate 10 or so blank pattern blocks. Just one will suffice. How I prefer to work is starting out with a basic pattern, then copying that pattern into a new one and then modifying it so it's a variation of the 1st, if that makes any sense. Did I overlook a feature like this in the preferences somewhere?

Also, I'd really like to see the pattern editor use less greys. I personally think the black dots on top of grey is hideous, although it works. I also think the pattern editior would be a little easier to work with.

Overall the program is a godsend, I just thought I'd let you know that I appreciate all the hard work you do to for the sake of open source. If only more open source projects could be of this quality AND work be cross platform!


Thanks for everything,


HI! Please add a comment here


Please add a comment here if a new item should be added to this list!


Improved functionality should

Improved functionality should be on the first place

HI Tired Eyes, Do you have

HI Tired Eyes,

Do you have any concrete feature that is missing? Or what do you mean by "improved functionality"? Which areas of hydrogen do you want to see improved?  

Hi Mauser! Most of my feature

Hi Mauser! Most of my feature requests are already in the bugtracker - midi mapping, jack session support, midi import etc. Also, it should be nice to make some minor interface improvements, for example multiple pattern and instrument selecting (and deleting), "mute/unmute all" button, some more unsignificant things about ergonomics.

Hi! The jack session support


The jack session support is finished and i'm working currently on the midi mapping stuff. It will be definitely in the 0.9.6 release!

The selection of multiple instruments/patterns seems to be a good idea..