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Song made with Samples from Hydrogen

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Joined: 08/12/2011

Hi everyone! This is a song I made a little while ago using samples from one of the add on kits in Hydrogen (with the exception of the cymbals, which aren't from hydrogen). The sequencing itself wasn't done in hydrogen, because I personally found sequencing in my own digital audio workstation to be more appropriate for my own needs due to various digital effects, better control, etc.

Here's how the sequencing was done:

The drums took 8 full hours (I did them all in one sitting)

And here's the full track. Let me know how you guys like it! I must say, I really like hydrogen and it's the best drum sequencer I have used, I just prefer raw sequencing due to more control. ;)

Also, I think many of you would be curious to hear this, it's the drums themselves with the hydrogen samples.

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