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I propose a simple editor, integrated tools to Hydrogen

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I would propose to integrate a music editor Hidrogen very simple and effective that even those who can not safely use the conservatory did! The graphics of this software if you want to create buttons just 7 notes! Then bars or knobs for volume, tone, tempo, reverb, and echo, however, can be avoided because it is much easier to use the keyboard of the computer to create

composed music and sounds:

1. 7 vibration or notes

2. force of the sound volume

3. severe acute tones or sounds

4. repetition time known eg 4 / 4 time

5. for instruments like guitar reverb

6. economic instruments such as drums

choosing good correspondence of the keys, I suggest:
1. for do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, is the keys z, x, c, v, b, n, m
2. for the volume by clicking the space bar to turn up the volume gradually decreases gradually while leaving the upper button, using drops steeply
3. for the tones I would use the arrow keys of the sound increases / decreases the volume gradually using the up and down as you go left and right extremes acute / severe
4. By the time the numeric keys:

Summary                1
Long                      2
Short                      3
Semibreve              4
Minimum                 5
Crotchet                 6
Croma                    7
Sixteenth note        8
Demisemiquavers    9
Fusa 0
5. For the reverb (sound that gradually fades), which is useful as a vibrating string guitar, etc. ... would keep pressing the note and then I would use the + / - to adjust
6. For 'Eco (sound that is amplified gradually and stop suddenly) that is useful for hand percussion such as the battery would keep pressing the note and then I would use the Page Up key / page down to adjust it (of course, the steps 4 5 and 6 can be combined).
If we want to create this interface is not operable, but it seems to me it would be useful for the adjustments.

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