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Occasional clipped/skipped samples

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I have a small problem with my setup - I use external triggers through an Alesis DM5 connected via Midi USB to my laptop. Hydrogen picks up the Midi signals ok and triggers the appropriate samples. However, every so often a sample will clip or not play at all, then they play again as normal. It's not related to speed played at - you can do fast rolls etc and it keeps up fine...until the problem occurs.
I have tried playing with bufer size in Jack etc but still the same issue. Also checked that volume/gain was not too high as to cause clipping.

Setup is as follows
External trigger --> DM5 --> Midi USB --> Laptop

LUbuntu 11.04 Natty
Jack2 running in RT mode, frames 512, sample rate 44100, Periods 3
Hydrogen - audio system set to Jack, default kit loaded.

I'm not sure if it is a Hydrogen, Jack or even Midi setup problem.

Hope that made sense and if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.


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Hi Neil

are you experiencing this when you are playing along with hydrogen playing a song/pattern?  or is it also when hydrogen is not playing at all?

In my live setup i also have some issues with notes not being played or notes getting played 'on top of each other'.  When i get notes played on top of eachother it results in a clip since there are 2 samples played at the same time (at leaset that's what i think happens)

In my case however it's not about instruments that are triggered using midi pads (i only use the pads to controll hydrogen, not to trigger sounds)



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Thanks for the reply.

Hydrogen is not playing, using it purely to trigger samples. I can play multiple samples at once and at different speeds and it will only clip every so often. I thought it may have been a RAM issue but have now ruled this out so thinking it may be some limitation of the MIDI USB adapter (?)

Is it possible that a buffer is getting filled hence the missed sample as it catches up?

Initially I was using my laptop but have also tried on my desktop with 3GB RAM and it has exactly the same issue. Could be the DM5....hmmmm