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Hydrogen ignores sound output settings

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Joined: 11/27/2011

I'm using Hydrogen with JACK and ALSA on Ubuntu 11.10 on an HP laptop.

 No matter what I try Hydrogen under JACK it refuses to route sound to the external sound card.  I've changed the settings for Hydrogen and the output settings for JACK to no avail.

All other apps will happily switch between the onboard sound and an external USB sound card.  I can switch the sound output from banshee or audacity between internal and external sources, its only hydrogen/jack that causes problems.


And under ALSA the sound can be directed to whichever channel I choose.


Can someone please tell me what the settings in JACK need to be to let the sound settings control choose the sound output channel?

Joined: 03/30/2010


Just configure jack before you start hydrogen. You can do this either via a file called jackdrc or the program "qjackctl". Both let you choose the interface that you want to run jackd on. It is not possible to do this from within hydrogen!