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Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta1 released

We're happy to announce the release of Hydrogen 0.9.6-beta1, the first
development release of hydrogen 0.9.6. The new version includes some
major improvements:

- Jack midi support
- Jack session support
- Undo
- tab-based interface (optimized for netbooks)

Apart from these features, we're using now CMake for our build process.
You can start the build process by running "./ m" from your
hydrogen source directory. The tarball is available on sourceforge
as usual, we expect that the new version will hit the KXStudio
repository in the next days.
As always we're pretty much interested in all kind of feedback ;-)


Nice to see such awesome

Nice to see such awesome progress is being made. Any plans for a Windows build soon?


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Debian unstable binaries

Now, on our download page, are also a 32bit and a 64bit debian unstable binary package available.




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KXStudio installers updated

The KXStudio Hydrogen unstable PPA has been updated with the 0.9.6-beta1  (goto the download page to get it)