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AD startup kit sampled

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Hi everybody! I'm new here altho' I've been using Hydrogen and checking this forum for years. Recently I got a new PC at home and got a partition with AV Linux. Thru' the use of Rosegarden and Wine I can now run Addictive Drums (which I've been using for some time on Vista+Cubase). But, for daily matters I'm convinced it's still easier to stick with Hydrogen, no doubt (added to the fact that I don't like it proprietary -although I consider AD's price fair given the amount and quality of samples included-). So... I took some time to put up a nice comprehensive drumkit out of AD's startup drumkit. I started from 6 sample layers per instrument (except for some damped hats and cymbals for which I only used the loudest 3 layers -being this a test and given the kind of use I give these-). It looks something like this:

Now the question is: is it OK to put it to public use?

Now, a couple of reflections regarding drumkits, but samples aside. After some time working with Addictive Drums I found that what really sets it appart soundwise is that, for the same layer/velocity, it alternates between several sound samples, typically, alternate strokes on an instrument, thus reducing the machine-gun effect (they describe it more or less like that). Makes sense to me. It would be superb to be able to make instrument layering sort of 3-dimensional, so that you can define several hits for the same element and velocity for Hydrogen to alternate between when sequencing. It's still no problem for me as is 'cause I'm used to work with drumkits of much less quality, therefore play with velocity and humanize it to avoid roboticness as much as possible. But I think this is what makes for the greatest difference in final product quality. The other thing AD does amazingly is hi-hat closing and cymbal dempening. It'd also be nice for Hydrogen to relate instruments so that, for instance, a step on the hi-hat pedal (instrument X) interrupts the open-hh (instrument Y) if sounding (I managed to sample some basic "cut" stuff and have it as separate instruments that mostly solve my daily needs).

Thanx so much for Hydrogen. Hope to contribute in the measure of my possibilities and scarce knowledge.

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I can imagine that the company behind AD won't be happy if you publish their samples :) You have to get their allowance for the publication..

The 3d-layering (or in general, or more advanced algorithm for sample-selection) would make sense. On the other hand, it only pays out if there are plenty of multi-layered sets with more then one layer at the same velocity.


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Hi Adnruca

thanks for your input!

what do you mean by putting the samples from AD 'to public use' ?  do you mean sharing the drumkit you created, or do you mean sharing/selling the song you created with these samples ?  Sharing your drumkit : it's up to AD to decide if that's ok or not i'm afraid.  Sharing your song : i guess you payed for the samples, so if you create a song using those samples it should be ok (regardless of the fact that you are using those samples in AD or an other app)

the variations in drumhits : i seem to recall someone asking for the same thing, but i cant quite remember who/why.  It does indeed make sense to have such a feature.  it basically means that you need several samples per layer and that you somehow need to be able to picj one of those (or have the app pick one out for you at random)

about your last request (step HH chokes open HH sound) that is available in H2 : check this part of the manual (search for mute groups)




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Hi. The AD startup kit for hydrogen!!! it´s what i´m looking for.

How have you done?

I would like to have it.



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Do you have a sound sample available of how that ends up sounding. I have been looking for a sound sample of the multi layer functions in Hydrogen. I'm not too fussed about the samples from AD really (although they're nice of course). Alternatively, do you have a H2 kit somewhere?