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Default velocity

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Obviously the default velocity is 0.8, is there a way to choose for each instrument a different default velocity?

If not it would be a practical feature.

Joined: 04/17/2010

No answer so i guess the answer is no. Well, i'll find another way to do what i want to do. Thanx.

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Joined: 04/20/2010

hi youki

why exactly would you want to change the default velocity ?




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Hello Thijs.

Just because it's practical. I compiled hydrogen to use more than 16 layers and i'm creating a very big drumkit (almost 4GB of RAM). And i make songs using a lot of different patterns. So it would be quicker if the default velocity for an instrument was the velocity that i'll use the most for this intrument in the song. It would save a few hours of editing the velocity bars.

Else it means that or i have to edit these bars a lot, or have to arrange that the sample used for the velocity 0.8 will be the more common one, but it could change from song to song for the same drumkit. I hope i'm not too confused in my explanations.

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I am also wondering about this.

I am using an MPC-like device to trigger samples.

It's hard to get a consistant sound for some reason.

my mpd26 has a "FULL" mode where it sends 127 regardless of the velocity you hit it with.

my lpd8 doesn't have that feature without modifying the firmware with the editor akai bundles.

I'm working a quick patch for my own purposes (always sending 127 as I will never want anything other than that).

If it comes together, I'll post it here.