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new drumkits

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i have create two new drumkits.

each kit contain all 64 instruments in the same order as they arranged in the roland mc-307 groovebox.
each instrument is recorded in 6 layers.

this drumkits are real mc-307 groovebox clones. don't wonder about the instrument order and the instruments himself. each set also include 606, 909, and many other instruments. in  next time more kits will follow:) (38 kits left). i plan to sell my mc-307, and before this happens, i try to clone most of the sample banks.

greetings wolke



hi, Nice big kits thx .Anyone


Nice big kits thx .Anyone have  managed to compile synthclone on debian squeeze?
On which distribution you have managed to compile it plz?

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i compiled it under debian

i compiled it under debian unstable.

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Great, thanks Wolke ! have

Great, thanks Wolke !

have you been recording this manually or are you using somethinh like synthclone ?



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hi, yes synthclone is my


yes synthclone is my friend:). an awesome tool to do this job. maybe it could be an good idea to write an small description(page) how to create cool h2 drumkits with synthclone.

greetings wolke

Thanks for the praise for

Thanks for the praise for 'synthclone'! I'm very happy you find it useful. :)

Please let me know if you write up a document on how to make drumkits in 'synthclone' so i can link to it from the 'synthclone' wiki.


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