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Can Hydrogen make my drum machine play?

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Joined: 02/18/2012

I am sorry if this is a very obvious question but I'm totally new to midi and am not really sure why I can't get this to work.

I "thought" midi was a way to get the PC to play the instrument as well as getting the instrument to control the PC.

Here's what I want to do...I have 2 drum is standard midi, the other may not be..both have midi in and out/through.

I want to create and edit and save a drum arrangment on Hydrogen...then play it back, but on my drum machine...that way when our drummer does not show we have the drum system available to play on a reasonable quality drum machine.

The none standard drum machine is an AdrenalinnIII guitar pedal..I know its possible to tigger individal drums on it, since I have a pedal board that lets me, but so far I can't find any PC based program that lets me do that....but for now..lets leave that.

I am using a Windows version of Hydrogen and have an MAudio Audiophile sound/midi card.

How do I get Hydrogen to send play information out to my drum machine, I cant' find any option that lets me do that.


thanks in advance.

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at the bottom of the instrument parameters dialog (see there is an option to select the output midi channel + midi note

here you can config the outgoing midi messages for that specific instrument

hope this helps