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beatbox samples version 0.0.1

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Hey all,

Last year I spent far too much money upgrading my OSS DAW/Home Studio. Last week I was feeling a little guilty about being so selfish and thought to myself, "Self, what could you do for all those who have given you the ability to make such wreckless and irresponsible music?"

Teh answer was clear.  So I ignored the voices in my head for once (actually I had to ignore them several times but we won't go into that here) and made 2 gross errors in judgement.


First I made a bunch of noises with my mouth for fun. Then Self said to me: Self, You should turn that really expensive(as in 1/3 of my monthly rent in cost) microphone jigamathing on and record an armload of stupid noises using only your mouth and the breathing excersizes your new voice teacher showed you. So I did that, ignoring everyone else in the room who wasn't really there anyway. Some of them kept whispering that I should use the builtin effects on the new Yamaha mixer I spent another 1/3 of my rent on but I told them to shut up, and probably very loudly. Maybe I woke up my neighbors as this was happening around 2:30am when I was really very very drunk.


Then I thought- that's not good enough. So I did a little more work prefrobnicating maximum silence and came up with a blank hydrogen drumkit which people can load up and then load their own samples into quickly and easily.



So here's where I'm not drunk enough to make a clear decision, thus I will appeal and defer to the user base:


a) Is anyone out there interested in using multilayer voice samples to build a decent beatbox kit?

b) Is anyone out there interested in a blank h2kit from which can be built numerous other kits?

c) Could these be yet another OSS "First"?

d) Does anyone else want to get in on the fun?

e) Should I make a youtube video on the procedure I used to get such stupidly insane results?

f) Does anyone here have a problem with the fact that I used OpenSuSE to get these results?

g) Is there a better OSS offering which is more acceptable to the community?

h) Am I blathering yet?


Seriously, though. These samples are very high quality, if poorly executed. I did mention that I have a new voice teacher, so I should also say that I have only completed 2 lessons with her and have left much more ground to cover. There could be versions of this thing, if others were interested.


The goal here is to create an officially versionized h2kit with tempo metered samlpes and performance artists, fully documented and of professional quality. It is obvious to me that the current sample offering that I have is inadequate, but since this is an ongoing, open sourced project they may suffice for the time being, until other sample sets are versioned or forked.


The reason I love hydrogen is that it does

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hi Ben_Zene

sounds very interesting !

i'm going to tell you something that is in fact still TOP-secret : there are plans for a Hydrogen drumkit contest in the _very_ near future, so that might just be the perfect opportunity for you to create a beatbox drumkit !  (but dont tell anyone just yet ;-)

keep an eye on the website/mailing list !



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hi Ben

AFAIK this is the first time we are having a contest (but of course i coud be wrong.  that happens all the time)

we do have some contacts in the linux press and of course the mailing lists allow us to contact our audience, but once we launch the contest all extra promition is welcome!

kitchen utensils rock big time !  so : yes please !!